Sic Bo Rules

Do you enjoy playing dice games? You can do this from an online platform. Sic Bo is a dice game that originates from China and is played on a table. Unlike other casino games, Sic Bo is a luck-based game that does not involve mastering any strategy.

For you to play this game, you only need to place chips in a bet box and wait for the dice to be shaken. You win if the outcome of the roll corresponds to your bet. Sic Bo is a game that has different possible bets with each bet containing different payout odds.

Before we talk about the rules of the game, you should first understand the different elements included in the game. This game is played using three dice. When playing this game from an online casino, an electronic dice shaker rolls the dice. Though there is a digital board that shows the outcomes of different rounds, you should not place bets based on this information since the roll of the dice in this game is random. Each of the tables contains two dealers that are responsible for monitoring the bets and ensuring that the game moves smoothly.

How to play Sic Bo

For you to make your bet, you have to choose your chip size. When playing Sic Bo online, you should use the minus or plus button to do this. After this, place bets on the dice combinations outlined on the Sic Bo table. Each of the combinations has a specific chance of being rolled. The game allows you to make multiple or single bets on the same roll of the dice. This game comes with a wide variety of bets, odds, and payouts. Some of the online bets in Sic Bo include:

  • Single number bet
  • Big bets
  • Triple bets
  • Small bets
  • Pair bets

Once you have placed your ideal bet, click the Roll button. If you are participating in a land-based casino, you should wait for the croupier to shake the dice. If the dice shows numbers such as 3 and 1,3, the winning bets that will light up on the table include small bet, double 3, total 7, single dice 1 and 3. Each of the bets comes with different payout odds that are printed on the table. The small bets have a low payout of 1-1 while the highest payout is 180-1 for winning a triple bet. Since Sic Bo gives you different bets, it means that you can win in more than one way. You should, therefore, try playing this game as you place wagers smartly.

If the dice come up according to the bet that you have made, you should wait for the dealer to pay out what you have won. If the dice do not land in your favor, you should not give up on the game but try placing a different bet. Unlike in other casino games, you cannot lower the house edge or increase your chances of winning in this game. Any player can lose or win depending on how the dice roll.