Roulette Rules

Many people assume that bettors win out of mere luck. Though this may be true to some point, consistent winning in games such as roulette need more than luck. To increase your chances of winning in the game, you must understand the rules of the game and also have some skills when it comes to executing your strategy.

Though you may not have the power to where the ball ends up, you can dictate how much money you make from every decision you make regarding the game. Roulette may look like a simple game but mastering it is not easy. We will simplify this for you by discussing some of the basic rules of Roulette that you should always have at your fingertips. Enjoy!

Basic rules

The game consists of a large wheel which has 37 European roulette or 38 American Roulette. The stops are numbered starting from 0-36. The first thing you should note about the roulette wheel is that the pockets contain different colors.

The zeroes are colored green while the rest of the numbers are evenly divided into two sections. It contains 18 black and 18 red pockets. The game starts when the dealer spins a ball on one of the rims of the wheel until the ball lands on one of the spaces containing a specific number.

You participate by predicting where the ball will land. Before the dealer makes a spin, you should place your bet around the roulette table. Feel free to bet on a combination of numbers or an individual number.

Experienced bettors love the thrill of playing live roulette. To participate in such, you have to exchange some cash or even casino chips with special roulette chips. You will receive a unique color to differentiate you from any other bettor. This rule does not, however, apply when you are playing the game from an online platform.

You can continue placing your bets until the dealer places the ball on the roulette wheel. The dealer is the only one who has the power to call off bets. Once the ball settles on a certain number, the croupier announces the winning number and the pocket color in which the ball landed. They use markers to protect winning bets and sweep off losing bets from the table.

If you are the lucky winner, the croupier pays you and gives you the liberty to proceed for the next spin or withdraw from the game. Sometimes, it is good to be content with what you have won to avoid losing it on future spins. The game also requires proper etiquette by giving other bettors a chance to place their chips.

How can you calculate your odds of winning?

Roulette involves different types of bets including outside and inside bets. Experts reveal that outside bets have a higher chance of winning compared to inner bets. Though some people win from inner bets, they expose you to a high risk of losing cash.

You don’t have to cram the bet names for you to succeed in roulette. Try to avoid inside bets as much as you can. Understanding the rules of this game can make you earn a lot of rewards from it. Make use of the right Roulette strategy and let every spin count.