Keno Rules

Do you like lottery style games? You should try playing Keno. It is a game of luck that does not need any special skills for you to win. Both online and land-based casinos have been offering this game for years now. Understanding the rules of playing Keno can help you win big since the game comes with some jackpot opportunities. Even with a small investment, it is possible for you to be the lucky winner of a jackpot. The rules of this game are not complicated since you don’t have to memorize any strategies.

Keno gives you flexibility since you get to pick the type of gameplay you prefer. You can aim at high payouts with low odds of winning or go for a low amount of numbers which can increase your wins each round. You can also choose to play live or video keno. Before we discuss these options, here are a few rules that should guide you while playing the game.

How to play Keno

This game involves choosing a set of numbers that range between 1 and 80. From these numbers, 20 of them will be drawn randomly. If the numbers that have been drawn by the machine match the ones you pick, you win the game. The payout is determined by the numbers you picked as well as how many of the numbers you got right.

If you want to win a jackpot, you don’t have to match all the 20 numbers since this is not possible. Since Keno is a game of chance, the jackpot winner is determined randomly. You only have to play between 3-9 numbers to increase your chances. When playing Keno from an online casino, the random number generator determines the outcome of the game making it impossible for anyone to manipulate the machine.

You can play Keno in two ways

Keno is a game of variations and learning both ways of playing it is crucial. We mentioned that you could either choose the video or live Keno. If you prefer a fast-paced game, choose video Keno. Some of the variations under the video keno come with bonuses that increase your chances of cashing out good money. Take advantage of the multipliers and free spins that come with video keno variations to double your wins and extend your gameplay. By choosing this option, you can even play different keno cards at the same time.

In live Keno, you can make different bets on one Keno card. Every casino starts a new round within 10 minutes; thus you have to be alert. If you are aiming at the large jackpots in the game, you should choose this option.

As you choose an ideal site to play Keno, be on the lookout for special feature tickets. Some of the casinos offer you with some specific bet types such as straight tickets, way tickets, split tickets and combination tickets. Since Keno has variable payouts, you should look for the best payouts of the game when choosing an ideal site to play the game.