Craps rules

Do you love dice games? You should try your luck with craps. It is an exciting casino game that many bettors like. A special table and two dices are used to play the game. Unlike other casino games, this is strict and consists of people who frequently conduct inspections. They replace the dice after a few hours to ensure that the game is fair.

Basic rules

Craps can have room for up to 20 players at a go. It also contains a casino crew that includes two dealers, a boxman and stickman. To start the game, one of the players referred to as the shooter should bet on the Don’t Pass Line or the Pass line.

If you choose to be the shooter, the Stickman presents you with multiple dices. You can only roll with two of them and return the rest on the Stickman’s Bowl. You must handle the dice using one hand as you throw them across the table. The dice can either hit the wall across the table or fall off. If they fall, the stockman has to inspect them before returning them in the game.

Every player gets their round to shoot the dice at different rounds. The game moves clockwise around the table for each player to get a chance of shooting the dice. You can also choose not to shoot and decide to bet on the player that throws the dice. You can place different types of bet in Craps game.

A round of the game contains two phases including Point and Come Out. You can make one Come Out roll when shooting the dice at the beginning of one round. A come out roll of numbers 12, 3 or 2 is referred to as Crapping Out. This phase ends if a player loses their pass line bet.

You have to continue making Come out Rolls until you roll numbers such as 6, 9, 4, 5, 9 or 10. You win by rolling either of these numbers known as the point numbers. If you throw a 7, you lose and bring the round to an end.

The game always begins with a Come Out roll when the previous shooter did not make a Point (winning roll) or rolled a seven. If the current shooter makes a point, he starts the next round by rolling the dice to begin a new Come Out roll. Players place wagers on the outcome of rolling the dice.

Final thoughts

For a beginner, craps may seem complicated but with the right strategy, you can become a pro at it. You should teach yourself the different types of bets in the game and understand all the betting possibilities that are available and when you should place them.

Following the basic rules of the game can make you win the game. You only need to be attentive to the habits of other experienced players and try to follow their lead to increase your odds of succeeding. You can play the game live or choose online craps.