Bingo Rules

Are you new to Bingo and would like to try it out? It is a simple game to play that is based purely on luck. No special skills are required for you to be a pro in playing this game. Despite this, Bingo comes with a few rules that you should be aware of before you try your luck. You can play Bingo online or live if you want a social game.

Bingo has a lot of variations for you to choose from. Some of them include 30, 80, 75 and 90 ball. Though the games are a bit different, the rules of Bingo remain the same in all of the variations. The only differences that you may notice in these variations are the theme, sizes of the prizes as well as the patterns needed to win the prizes. The games also come at different costs so that you can choose the ones you most comfortable with. Here are a few rules of Bingo that you should follow.

How to play Bingo

If you play Bingo from a hall, you should look at the rules and payouts outlined in the brochures and leaflets available. For you to play, you have to purchase your game cards which contain numbers ranging from 1-90. This excludes American Bingo cards which come with numbers from 1-75. Each of the bingo cards has 24 numbers as well as a black square found on a 5×5 grid. You have to choose the number of cards you would like to buy.

You can either pick some specific cards or choose them randomly. Though all the cards have an equal chance of winning purchasing multiple cards increases your odds of winning. You should, however, avoid buying too many cards because this can make it hard for you to review each card thoroughly. It is possible to miss a number if you have excess cards, thus ruining your chances of winning.

Once each player has bought the bingo cards the game begins, and numbers are drawn randomly. If you complete a bingo pattern first, you win a prize. The bingo pattern comes in the form of a line with at least 5 numbers in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. Since each of the Bingo cards is unique, it is impossible for two players to get identical cards.

If the Bingo game kicks off, you cannot purchase extra cards until the round ends. The caller is the one responsible for drawing and announcing the random numbers. When the caller announces the random numbers, you should check if you have the announced number among your bingo cards so that you can mark it off. This happens until one player yells Bingo. Once this happens, the game comes to an end, and the caller verifies the numbers and awards the winner.

When playing Bingo for real money, you have to be keen on bonus games and bonus money. Choose a reputable online site that offers Bingo players bonus money. This can help you play more and boost your prowess with time.